Main Business

FMT Corporation is a company that sells, refurbishes, and provides services to various vending machines and related equipment, ICT payment system and SUNMI Android POS Machine. Not only for the domestic market, but we also deliver refreshments to Japan vending machines around the world.

FMT Corporation also provides services for refurbishment, technical training, and installation. We also assist with relocation, reconditioning, repairing and spare parts as follows:

  1. Sales of ICT payment system from Taiwan.
  2. Sales of SUNMI Android POS machine from CHINA.
  3. Sales of refurbished vending machines from Japan.
  4. Sales of new snacks, drinks and combo vending machines from China, Taiwan, and Italy etc.,
  5. Maintenance and field services, including transportation, relocating, and installation.
  6. Reconditioning service of existing vending machines.
  7. Repairing of coin changers, bill acceptors of ICT Corp.
  8. Supplying spare parts of Japan vending machine.

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Our Transportation

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